Relive the golden era with Pink Ladies fancy dress

The 1978 critically acclaimed and top grossing film, Grease is truly a pop culture icon. It forever captivated its audience. Who will ever forget Danny Zuko’s enthralling dance moves and catchy songs. Watching Sandy sing hopelessly devoted to you will make you feel like a lovesick teenager again. Grease really is the word.

What made the movie more alluring were the sassy Pink Ladies. They are the total contrast of how girls were usually portrayed in the 50’s. You can reincarnate their tough chic persona and rule not only Rydell High School but also your fancy dress party by dressing the part.

Visit www.abfab.co.uk and check out their wide selection of Pink Ladies fancy dress. They also have the sparkling silver smock dress and the towering silver roller headpiece that the pink ladies wore while singing beauty school drop out. That definitely is a unique fancy dress.

If you want to dress more subtle, you can go for the Poodle Pink Ladies fancy dress. The knee length poodle skirt with matching silk top exudes the 50’s style. It also accentuates your curves making you look sexy and classy at the same time. Do not forget the scarf around the neck and the stilettos. To avail the fancy dress visit www.dunbarcostumes.co.uk .

Nothing says Pink Ladies more than the iconic pink silk embroidered jacket. Wear it with leggings or tight leather pants, black pumps and a bowling bag. You may also don a 50’s style wig for a more authentic look. Also, do not forget to chew gum and be audacious. They might even mistake you for Rizzo.

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