The new refurbished kindle 3 with Wifi & 3G

The new & improved refurbished Kindle 3 with amazon.com comes in at just under £85 with all the features of the previous Kindle such as a weight of only 8.5 ounces, a width of less than 1/3 of an inch and a staggering battery life of 2 months (with the Wifi switched off and an average reading of one hour per day).

What is different is not only does this version include Wifi for those who have a fast wireless internet connection already set up at home, it has a choice of also including a free 3G connectivity. So you are free and ready to browse books online, purchase and begin reading straight from the box, anytime & anywhere - a great added feature for travelers on the go. Amazon.com provides a list of wireless coverage in over 100 countries and territories, where you can check out 3G coverage area's before you buy.

As well as these added benefits there is also improved features compared to the older models, E Ink Pearl display gives a clearer read with upto 50% better contrast. Perhaps the best new feature though is soon to be available - Kindle Book Library Lending & Kindle Book Lending. Meaning owners of the refurbished Kindle 3 will soon be able to check out any book from their local library and read it on their own Kindle, or friends can share other's books for upto 14 days - perfect for those who go through books in minutes.

Check out amazon.com today for the new refurbished kindle 3, as a gift to yourself or for a loved one, Amazon.com can also include the option of gift wrapping and/or a special note. With the kindle having the status of amazon's bestseller two years in a row and the most 5 star reviews of all their products, be the first to get yours today.

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