Refresh Your Jewellery Stock with Wholesale Costume Jewellery in Birmingham

Costume jewellery can be an interesting addition to any outfit. If you are interested in opening your own costume jewellery shop or just buy some items for yourself, you can check some of the places that supply wholesale costume jewellery Birmingham.

One of the leading UK costume jewellery wholesale suppliers, A2Z Wholesale Jewellery is based in Birmingham.Their website, A2ZJewellery.co.uk offers an impressive collection of fashion and costume jewellery, as well as handbags, scarves, watches and many other accessories.

The costume jewellery section stocks an impressive array of rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, bangles, tiaras, charm beads and many more. If you like making your own costume jewellery, the website has a “Create your own” section, where you can purchase all the materials you may need for your hobby.

The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is a good place to look for costume jewellery wholesale suppliers. Envy Jewellery and Accessories is a wholesale and retail outlet located in this area, which offers the newest trends in costume jewellery, accessories and bags. This supplier does not offer the possibility of purchasing their products online, so you will have to visit their Birmingham outlet.

Another supplier that has a wholesale showroom based in Birmingham is Apollo Accessories. Established in 1989, Apollo Accessories is a family run business that stocks costume jewellery, fashion accessories, magnetic and copper jewellery, hosiery, watches, belts, cosmetics, carnival and party accessories, smoking goods and more. You can purchase their products online, by visiting e-apollo.co.uk or by visiting their showroom in Birmingham, which is open from Monday to Sunday.

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