Redemption Choppers 2014 Spring and Summer collection

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This 2013-2014 Fall and Winter biker jackets are the 'in' thing, but if you want to wear real biker world inspired clothing with a marvelous couture twist, you definitely have to check out Redemption Choppers.

Redemption Choppers is a motorcycle company founded by three Italian friends - Vanni Laghi, Gabriele Moratti and Daniele Sirtori, who not only build one-off custom bikes, but they also offer motorcycle-inspired clothing.

The brand that was founded in 2009, presented their 2014 Spring and Summer line-up with Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana once again fronting the ad campaign - Kate Upton modeled for Redemption Choppers’ Spring-Summer 2013 campaign in Namibia.

Like their previous campaigns, this one was also shot in black-and-white, and on location with photographer Gabriele Moratti doing the snapping, but this time the location was that beautiful island of Iceland offering its unusual and stunning landscapes as a backdrop.

A lot of painstakingly craftsmanship goes into creating a custom bike, and the same goes for Redemption Choppers fashion and the company’s motto is: “Custom-made bikes, a luxuriously unconventional wardrobe and profits going to charity. No borders or conventions needed.”

In fact 50% of the brand’s net profits are given to support charitable projects, so not only do buy gorgeous high quality garments and accessories, you'll also help charity while you’re at it.

The 2014 S/S collection is highly sophisticated and uses fabrics like French lace, georgette and silk crepe and satin, and of course leather, suede and also lizard and crocodile skin, and some of the garments have metal detailing to give it an even more edgy look.

The color palette is black and white, and is aimed at the adventurous woman who wants to be feminine, but also confident, free-spirited and strong, and not only will you find various types of biker jackets, but also magnificent evening gowns, marvelous day wear that ranges from shorts to pants to mini dresses and also blouses.

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