Go Bold with Red Leather Handbags

Red is a powerful colour. It represents love, passion, power, and boldness, and designers love it. The vibrant colour brings life to neutral colours and complements other bold ones. It can be worn in a sophisticated and classic style or it can be the star of the show. The most important part about red is that it draws the attention of others. You stand out when you wear it and the easiest way to do that is by choosing one of the many red leather handbags available today, like one of these bold handbags found online.

The Sweetest of Red Leather Handbags

Meli Melo has combined the boldness of red in a sweet design with their BonBon bag. The BonBon bag is like carrying a piece of candy on the arm, complete with fringes and a chain strap that can be doubled or let long to wear over the shoulder.

This cute little piece of handbag eye-candy is the perfect accessory for day and night. If you need something to sweeten up your life, visit the Young British Designers website at YoungBritishDesigners.com and grab yours for £250 while you can.

The Trendiest of Red Leather Handbags

Yoox.com has released their Autumn-Winter collection and among the many fab items is the trendy red leather bag from Parentesi. This red leather handbag is big and roomy with a removable adjustable strap and a handle to make life easier.

For those days when your handbag is overflowing, the zip sides give you a bit of extra room and look stylish as well. At the sale price of £109, you don’t have to stop at grabbing just one bag; this fashionable bag is available in brown, black, and white also.

The Ultra-Practical of Red Leather Handbags

If you need something a bit more practical but just as chic as other red leather handbags, the multi-pocket bag from LaRedoute.co.uk is the answer. This leather purse comes in a gorgeous faded red leather and is available now for just £95.

The multi-pockets make it an ultra practical bag to keep organized while roomy enough to hold all you need. The shoulder strap is adjustable so can be worn over the shoulder or cross body and the studded details give it a fashionable look for day and night.


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