Gatting the Perfect Red Contact Lens

So you have the horns, the forked tail, an awesome cape you even have the perfect shade of red facepaint. You are all set for the big day, but wait don't you need a perfect red contact lens to complete the look?

Luckily there are plenty of places to shop online great looking novelty contact lenses online and thanks to increased competition they are much cheaper then they used to be.

www.fxeyes.com will definitely have the perfect pair of red contacts for you. These Hollywood quality contacts are world famous and come with a lenghty warranty there are literally thousands of designs to choose from including as many differents shades of red as you can think of.

FX Eyes are the premium option however so you can expect to pay between £120 and £250 for your pair of perfect red lenses.

If the price tag seems a bit crazy to you why not check out eBay? As always the leading online auction site has a huge selection of great choices meaning you can be sure to get that perfect shade of red just in time for Halloween.

Prices on eBay start at about £20 for a regular red pair but if you want flames expect to pay more. As always when buying off eBay check the sellers reviews and buy in bulk to save on delivery charges.

When your lenses get delivered there is no need to wait for Halloween, stick them in to scare your co-workers and friends in the weeks leading up to the big day!

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