Rebecca Minkoff: fabulicious handybags

The fashion world is so permanently abuzz with super fabulous things that it can be tough choosing what deserves the wow factor at any one time. Well Rebecca Minkoff deserves it forever.

Minkoff is an American bag designer who makes arm furniture that is so delicious it will take a girl's breath away. From divine clutches, to gimmicky lovlies like the Minkoff Morning After Purse to the most on trend satchels and sackbags going, it is illegal for celebs - or anyone for that matter - to be papped without one. (Check out the roll call of celebs sporting Minkoff handbags on the site.)

Drool over her mouthwatering collection here. Then wash it down with a swift CCMM. (Credit card max-out moment.) And absolutely not, no - don't feel guilty.

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