Ready set tweet

Members of the Twitterati will get special preview access to today’s Burberry show at London Fashion Week, with news that the eponymous label is to launch the first ever ‘Tweetwalk’ event in collaboration with Twitter, allowing a sneak pic of the models before they hit the catwalk.

Burberry has often led the way in using technological innovations to enhance its shows, including an app which lets customers select pieces as soon as the season is unveiled on the catwalk. This new Tweetwalk initiative was announced today through Burberry’s official Twitter account, by the brand’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey, writes the Daily Telegraph.

Burberry’s Tweetwalk will commence today at 4pm, simultaneously with the live catwalk show. Photographs of each model will appear on the site moments before they strut down the runway, effectively putting the armchair-Twitter user in an even more privileged position than the all-important front row. Christopher Bailey said: ‘We are thrilled to create the first ever ‘Tweetwalk show’ in partnership with Twitter. Twitter is instantaneous and I love the idea that streaming a show can be in many different forms. This collection is all about the most detailed hand crafted pieces and fabric innovation, creating a beautiful physical experience that is communicated digitally in dynamic and diverse ways and I love balancing those two worlds.’

Alongside the use of Twitter, Burberry will also be exploiting Facebook’s potential by live streaming the show in HD, whilst photographer Mike Kus will have control of Burberry’s Instagram account to upload his images of the show. We love this democratisation of London Fashion Week!

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