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The range of Lola Rose necklaces are always bright colours and very simple designs which involve a number of beads on working their way down to a pendant, which is normally a larger bead, sometimes in the design of a flower or similar.The range of colours varies from yellows, greens, aquas and shades of berries to browns and natural gem stone colours.

The price is very affordable, ranging from £40 to £100.


The necklace will often be matched in a set with a bracelet and sometimes also a ring, all of the same colour. This then encourages you to want to buy the complete set. The pricing is low, which allows you to buy a number of pieces in order to go with certain outfits in your wardrobe.

This necklace comes in two main colours, an aqua marine colour and a raspberry red. The chain of the necklace is made of a small identically sized and shaped beads. The pendant is of a rose, with four layers of petals.

This is a very fun piece of jewellery which will work well with a summery outfit. It fits a number of styles of dress, from modster to high-end. This piece would not look out of place on a Camden or Hoxten girl, nor a Chelsea lady.

A true all-rounder, the Lola Rose Darcy necklace is priced at only £40 making it available to even the tightest of budgets.

The Lola Rose collection is in-vogue at the present moment and certainly fills a need in the market.



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