Ravel shoes - where to get them



The company that was to become Ravel was founded by a married couple called Mr and Mrs Wise in 1934. It started off as a number of high street shops selling footwear for the young and fashion conscious, under the name The Tower Boot Company. Over the years, the popularity of this brand soared until the 1960s where Ravel was a well known and sought after name in fashion footwear. It was during this decade that the name was changed to Chaussures Ravel. In 1967, high street chain Clarks bought a 47 per cent stake in the shop, and when the Wises retired in 1974, Clarks took full ownership. In 2007 Ravel was axed from Clarks, but is still available online and on the high street in other locations.


Ravel shoes


The shoes produced by the Ravel brand are many and varied. The range is highly fashionable and covers many current trends such as platform soles, wedge heels, biker-style boots, shoe boots, gladiator sandals, and delicate pumps. The shoes are designed in a massive variety of styles, colours, patterns and materials.


Where to get them


Many online retailers stock Ravel shoes, such as shoes.co.uk which currently offers free delivery on orders of more than £25. More online stockists include VivaLaDiva.com, Cloggs (www.cloggs.co.uk) and Javari (www.javari.co.uk). If you want to buy Ravel on the high street, stockists include department store Debenhams and footwear chain Barratts. It is also possible to buy through the Barratts website (www.barratts.co.uk).

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