Rap up warm!

He's a controversial artist who isn't afraid to speak his mind - although it may cause uproar at awards ceremonies and result in apology-filled Tweets - but lately Kanye West, the legendary RnB star has been focusing his expression on the fashion industry.

Based on artwork from his new album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy', West has produced a limited number of exclusive designer scarves that will be available only in the French boutique store Colette and over the internet at the M/Ms website. Metro online has more:

'Controversy over the artwork emerged recently when the album was banned by US retailers as the images were deemed too raunchy to go on general sale.'

'Kanye unveiled the designs on Twitter, posting: 'Yoooo they banned my album cover!!!!! Banned in the USA!!! They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix!''

'George Condo, who painted the controversial images for Kanye's album cover, is reported to be overseeing the direction and creation of the scarf design.'

Whether this will solely be an exercise in promoting the album remains to be seen, although the blog-o-sphere has been alight with comments and suggestions that should West set up his own clothing range, there would be more than a few buyers.

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