Ralph Lauren, style revolution!

A diverse, almost revolutionary Ralph Lauren was the one rocking the New York Fashion week spring/summer 2010 catwalk. Polo shirts and aristocratic upturned collars were locked firmly in the wardrobe for a dazzling 'return to the American spirit' in response to the gloom of the world economic crisis. 'Hard times test our idealism and will bring back our optimisim: tomorrow will be a brighter day' says the RL blurb.

Well it was the brightest day on the Ralph Lauren catwalk we've seen in a long time. Denim is very much back - even the oversized distresed jeans variety, as are denim salopettes - both obviously, paired with skyscraper heels. Country style workhats with baggy shirts that double as dresses are also IN, as are cheeky white minidresses in sheer material, suitable for a night out. Jumpsuits and long, floaty dresses also made a welcome appearance to a collection which for the first time, seemed to take inspiration from the everyday working woman.

In fact Ralph Lauren claims to have been inspired by workers, cowboys, and above all, the women of little house on the prairie. 'I've always admired the honesty of their workclothes' he says. We like we like we like. Check out the catwalk show below.

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