Raising the fashion steaks

When Lady Gaga appeared at the MTV Video awards last year clad only in strips of prime steak, jaws dropped, and fellow starlets gritted their teeth, knowing that their Herve Leger minidresses were futile in the face of a fashion moment. And now, we, the lucky plebs can see Gaga's dress in real life, with our own eyes...

According to Vogue, the dress has undergone a special preservation process in order to maintain it's meaty glamour, 'Made from layers of Argentinean beef, the dress was kept in a meat locker, covered with chemicals and dried by taxidermists to prevent the piece from going off. The dress has since been painted to appear 'fresh' after a spokesperson for the museum said it has taken on a 'dark, beef-jerky' look.

The dress will be on display at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until February 2012. What are you waiting for? Race you there!

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