Trying to track down that elusive Radley Waterloo bag?

If you're very specific with your tastes and simply can't do without something once you've set your mind on it then you are probably tearing your hair out with frustration trying to track down the Radley Waterloo bag from a couple of years back.

This medium sized tote bag is made with the finest of leather and features comfortable shoulder straps and a zip locked opening at the top of the bag to ensure the safety and security of the bag's contents at all times. Inside, the bag has a number of internal pockets on offer to hold your valuables in an organised and easy to find manner, perfect for those of you who like to live out of your favourite bag.

With plenty of room and guaranteed longevity thanks to the durable high quality leather used in the bag's construction, you'll be sure to have this gorgeous tote bag for years. Featuring a unique wellington based design stitched into the front, as well as the synonymous Radley dog pendant, this particular bag has gradually increased in popularity as its availability declined, and nowadays it's almost impossible to track down.

With so many new designs being released by Radley each season, it's perhaps expected that some of the older ones would manage to find their way into oblivion, but it is a little strange that this particular bag proves so hard to track down.

Fortunately, being the fashion super sleuths we are, we have managed to track down one place who still offer it. For £150 you'll be able to pick it up exclusively at House of Fraser, via their online store located at www.houseoffraser.com, but act fast because it won't be there for long!

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