Quiz Clothing for the fashion and budget conscious

Quiz Clothing is a brand from Scotland. It started in 1995 with just three stores. The chain enjoyed phenomenal success and it has now over 115 stores across the UK. Its reach extends beyond UK soil with 51 franchises in Europe as well as Asia. What makes it so successful? We take a peek at its sumptuous offerings.

The range

The model of the business is really simple: to bring high fashion in the mainstream at affordable prices. Each Quiz Clothing store carries the following:

  • Clothes

Primarily catering to women with a discerning fashion taste, Quiz Clothing gives the lady with ample choices from fashionable maxi dresses and jackets to shorts and hot pants. Seasonal clothes are available on the site, but it is constantly updated with new stocks as they arrive. For this summer season, dye tops, floral motif, chiffon maxi dresses and animal print dresses make the news. Get into a hot pair of disco pants for summer parties or a pretty frock for a day about town.

  • Footwear

Most of the footwear sold by Quiz Clothing is made from high quality synthetic materials. For the fashion conscious, these shoes are very stylish you’ll find the right shoes you will need from boots and wedges to flats and mules. Party shoes, flats, and heels are available incorporating the latest styles on the fashion runways. Prices are very reasonable from under £20 to £40.

  • Accessories

We all know how the right accessories can make or break the look of an outfit. This is why Quiz Clothing sells reasonably priced-bags belts, scarves, hats, and gloves. There are also accessories for the hair as well as hosiery and tights.

Online presence

Quiz Clothing has also its own online shop launched in 2005 for the growing market of internet shoppers. These shops are also responsible for boosting sales tremendously. On top of attractive retail prices, all orders over £50 get a free standard delivery in the UK. For more details, visit the website at www.quizclothing.co.uk.

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