Fashion trends: Purple fashion colour combo

If the colours that dominate international fashion weeks and red carpets are anything to go by, purple is fashion colour of the moment. The spring Pantone Fashion Color Trends report released after the 2012 New York Fashion Week also indicates top women's fashion colours to look out for in coming years. Since colour clashing is a trend growing in popularity worldwide, do you know colours to clash?

Orange and purple combo

According to fashion power houses Diane von Furstenberg and Gucci, orange and purple fashion colour is the fashion combo of the moment. These usually jarring hues have become a dominant feature in red carpets everywhere with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Jessica Alba rocking the look; and it’s not hard to see why. The combo is bold, stylish and confident.

While the orange and purple clashing combo has made plenty of magazine covers, wear the combo with some care. Try accompanying with a turquoise, aqua blue or gold belt to pull off a distinctive head-to-toe colour blocking look. Accessorise with chunky bangles or slashing bags and shoes to earn the same blocking sentiment if you are not confident going all the way with a head-to-toe colour clash.

Dusk blue and grayed jade

Dusk blue symbolises the time of day when all activities start to wind down. The fashion colour offers a sense of calm and serenity. This sentiment is akin to the placid nature of its green counter part, grayed jade. Pair dusk blue with grayed jade for an unexpected calming intensity or with nectarine (a bright, effervescent, citrus orange with undertones of coral) for an unexpected burst of piquant taste.

Sophisticated emerald shades

Sophisticated emerald is yet another high fashion colour mix that makes no less a bold statement than the orange and purple fashion colour clash. This radiant green highlights a sense of well-being while at the same time inspiring clarity and insight. Combine all three shades of emerald for an intriguing, serene and insightful fashion look with undertones of nature's well-being much as Mother Nature would want.

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