Create a cute impression this Halloween with pumpkin fancy dress!

Halloween, Halloween. How welcome you are, arriving just in time to break us out of our post-summer slump. The kids are back to school but making a fuss of Halloween is sure to bring some fun and imagination into their Autumn!

While it’s all very well to be scary, sometimes it’s nice to add a more festive element to Halloween. One of the perfect outfits to brighten anyone’s day – whether they’re being ‘tricked’ or ‘treated’! – is a cute little pumpkin outfit which will stand out from the posse of ghouls, ghosts and witches, which, let’s face it, are a tad overdone at this point.

The perfect place to start your hunt for a cute pumpkin fancy dress outfit for your little one will be online. There are tons of styles to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets. Your first port of call should be Pumpkin Fancy Dress -  http://www.pumpkinfancydress.co.uk/ - which gives lots of tips on finding that pumpkin outfit to suit, plus gives lots of options for kids and adults outfits alike, from killer pumpkin suits, baby pumpkin outfits (so sweet!) and even pumpkin accessories like pumpkin bags and pumpkin wigs! The only limit is your imagination.

For some affordable pumpkin party outfit options, try the Ab Fab website – www.abfab.co.uk – which has toddlers pumpkins outfits available for only £4 – reduced from £8.99. If your little one fancies herself as a bit of a princess – and what little girl doesn’t? – she will love the Twinkle Pumpkin Princess outfit for £23.99, also available on Ab Fab.  The Pumpkin Pie – for £15.99 – is another sweet twist to the classic pumpkin outfit that your little girl will love. Happy Halloween!

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