Where to find cheap Puma women's running shoes

The first and best place to check for information about Puma women's running shoes ought to be Puma's own website. The Puma shop can be located at shop.puma.co.uk, and it includes comprehensive details about every running shoe along with price guides.

Once you select your ideal Puma running shoes, of course, you should then go to check their availability elsewhere to find cheaper deals - although the Puma prices are themselves quite impressive.

Here, we have selected three Puma running shoes (one basic, one mid level, and one of luxury quality) to give an idea of the range of features and prices you can expect to find.

Puma Lutea Mid

A decent basic pair of Puma's women's running shoes, the Lutea Mid comes with a high top to protect your ankle, a non slip surface on the sole, a midsole with idCELL technology to absorb the impact of your steps, and a breathable AirMesh outer surface. Available on the Puma site for just £25, which is actually cheaper than the Amazon.co.uk price of £40.

Complete Ventis 2

A truly excellent mid-range offering from Puma, this shoe has EverRide and EverTrack protection against any sort of wearing or abrasion on the sole, a midsole with KMS Lite ensuring it's much lighter than its rivals, idCELL and duoCELL technology to cushion your steps, and ArchTec, which keeps your midfoot stable as you quicken the run. Once again, Puma's own site wins on costs, selling the shoe for just £40, compared to the £80 of some other sites.

Faas 500 Women

The top of the range Puma women's running shoes, Faas 500 shoes feature all of the best technologies available to the Puma designers, including EverRide and EverTrack abrasion protection, breathdable AirMesh covering, and the revolutionary BioRide support, adapting to your own running style. The Puma shop offers the cheapest UK deal for these shoes at £80, but some American sites list them for around $60 (not including delivery).

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