About Puma golf shoes uk


Puma has somewhat of a reputation in general of creating retro sports clothing for the high street, not for actual use in sports. There golfing shoes, however, hold out to be amongst some of the best technology on the market.

Selection of Puma Golf Shoes UK

Top of the range in the Puma selection are the Puma Cell Fusion 2010 edition. These shoes come in two sets of colours, black/white and white/blue snorkel. The Puma Cell Fusion 2010 will set you back £120 in most online retailer stores and even more on the high street.

The price is justified due to its icell cushioning system in the heal and toe in order to create extra comfort and grip. It has interchangable spikes for differing weather conditions and terrain.

In contrast, there is the Puma Scramble NM 2010. This shoe will only set you back £40. It is simple, with no advanced technology but still looks stylish and, more importantly, does its job.


As already said, the best place to buy Puma golf shoes is online. Here you can find some real bargains. Do some digging and you won't be disappointed. Most online stores offer returns and money back guarantees if the shoes are not as you desired.


Of course, the best alternatives on the market are the like of Nike and Adidas. These brands have very large ranges of golf shoes and have all the up to date technologies. They also cover the full spectrum of price ranges to suit every budget.

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