Fabulous prom dresses for kids

Dressing up kids is not only fun for adults but also for the children. Putting on exciting and stylish clothes for a fancy party is not only a great feeling, but also improves self esteem and motivates children to dress up properly. Let us take a look at pretty prom dresses for kids to give you an idea what to buy for your little and not so little ones.

Where to buy the latest fashion

Prom dresses for kids are not something your children are going to wear everyday, but when an occasion calls for elegant and formal dressing, keeping one or two pieces in their wardrobe can be very convenient. Take a look at various places below where you can snag cute outfits.

  • BHS (bhs.co.uk)

BHS has some fantastic occasion dresses for girls from 8 to 16. The Navy Spot Prom Glitter Dress in blue is a bestseller and costs from £26.

  • River Island (riverisland.com)

River Island carries an inspiring collection of prom dresses for kids whether it’s an adorable lace dress for your 3 year old or a delicate outfit for your princess. The Girls Yellow Jacquard Prom Dress is delightful and costs only £35.

  • Debenhams (debenhams.com)

The shop offers party, day, flower garland and bridesmaid dresses suitable for children. One of their bestsellers is the heart printed three layered dress from Star costing from £30 to £36. You’ll also love the Pearce II Fionda dress with its ivory appliqué or the charming Tiger Lily party dress with its delicate trims and embellishments.

  • Very (very.co.uk)

Very has a great selection of prom dresses for kids. Take the Cool Candy by Collen, a delectable Jacquard party dress in gold. There’s also the Freespirit dress costing £19 with its pretty Peter Pan collar and puff sleeves.

  • Amazon (amazon.co.uk)

There is nothing you can’t order off Amazon and that includes vintage black skirts and formal party dresses for kids. Have a look at the Moonar Children Dress costing £31.06 or the Flora Fancy Gothic Lolita Underskirt for £15.99.

Shopping hints

Children are unpredictable and often not so easy to please. When shopping for prom dresses for kids, consider the occasion, how often your child will be wearing it and the style. While fancy and delicate dresses look beautiful, they might not be practical. Think of the right style, length, colours and fabric. After all, you don’t want your child tripping off in a dress or at worst simply refusing to wear it.

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