Looking for Prom Dress Shops in Nottingham

Shopping for a prom dress is an exciting time for most girls. It is a time to spend money on something you will only wear once for a justifiable reason. There are plenty of prom dress shops in Nottingham, which makes it difficult to start shopping.

The first on the list is called Aurora. This is a small boutique that offers affordable designer dresses that are perfect for prom. There are Tiffany dresses and Dynasty dresses available for purchase and all come in a variety of styles and colours.

The next on the list is Berketex, which is another one the smaller prom dress shops in Nottingham city centre. Like Aurora, there are a number of different designers and styles available, whether you want long strapless dresses or shorter cocktail style ones. There are sales throughout the year in the store, especially when it comes to the end of a season – so shop early to prepare for your prom. Prom dresses cost from £99 but you will need to book an appointment in the store for a fitting to find the perfect dress for you.

Pink and Lilly is another popular prom dress shop in Nottingham, with a wide variety of wholesale and boutique dresses. Prices mainly range from £75 to £145, depending on the style of dress and designer that you choose. However, there are times when sales are on, which will take the cost of the dresses down to just £10 – it definitely pays to shop around at prom dress shops in Nottingham.

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