Chic Prom Dress Shops in Stoke on Trent

The glitz and glamour of the American-style prom has now infected the shores of the UK. It’s what all the teenagers have been waiting for. For them it’s the biggest event of the year. Now it’s all about the flamboyance of the Hollywood awards night, arriving in a Limousine and walking down the red carpet. They spend months preparing for this, at least the girls especially.

Looking for the perfect outfit doesn’t have to be tedious. We already narrowed down your choices. Here are some prom dress shops in Stroke on Trent that offer a wide selection of chic dresses that will surely captivate everyone’s attention.

The Wedding Place (www.wedding-and-prom-place.co.uk), offers a selection of reasonably priced gowns. it also has handbags, shawls and tiaras that you can match with your gown. Buying from this shop guarantees, that no one in your school will have the same dress as yours. The store is located at 99/101 Stafford Street Hanley.

Roberta’s Bridal has as variety of top of the line gowns and dresses from Mori Lee, D’zage and Alice James. That will surely make you look like an Oscar nominee. You can visit their site www.robertasbridal.co.uk.

There are prom dress shops in Stoke on Trent that are now selling items on a bargain, such include www.robertasbridal.co.uk. If you want a simple yet sophisticated look, visit Republic (www.republic.co.uk) where you can buy evening dresses that exude sophistication for as low as £10. If you like, dresses that have a vintage feel, check out River Island’s 50’s inspired prom dresses at www.riverisland.com.

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