The best prom dress shops in Edinburgh

Prom night is one of the most exciting night's of a young girl's life. You get to dress like a princess and dance the night away. Anyone living in Scotland, will want to check out the best prom dress shops in Edinburgh.

Below is a list of the best prom dress shops in Edinburgh;

  • Butterflies -EH1 2JA
  • Wilkies - EH2 2JR
  • Kudos Couture - EH10 4BZ
  • Gwenne - EH525RJ

You can try on any of the gowns that the stores stock and take them away as they are, or for a small amount extra you can have them tailored to your shape. This will no doubt look fantastic on your prom night, but may not fit correctly for future occasions. Remember that you teenage shape is likely to change over the coming years.

If you're sick of traipsing around shops searching for your perfect gown, you could pop online instead. Check out the list below and browse through the prom dresses available;

  • cargoclothing.com
  • promroyalty.com
  • prommisses.co.uk
  • verbdresses.co.uk
  • prom-shop.com
  • enchantedpromdress.com

You can have these dresses sent to your home, but don't leave it too late to buy your dress - it won't be worth the money you spend if it arrives the day after your prom.

Don't buy a dress that is too small for you. Although it may seem like a good incentive to buy a dress in a smaller size when you're trying to lose weight, it may result you ending up without anything to wear on prom night if your best intentions don't go as planned.

Enjoy your night!

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