Free Prom dress patterns

The prom is an important time for every girl. The chance to dress up and enjoy the romance of the prom is a right of passage.

However chances are you, just like everyone else, are experiencing the pinch at the moment. Prom dresses can be very expensive with even basic gowns costing a couple of hundred dollars. Perhaps you cant even find a design you like? If you are crafty and handy with a sowing machine you can create your own fabulous outfits with our guide to free Prom dress patterns.

If you have the time, a sowing machine and a few dollars for fabric then the websites on our guide will provide you with step by step guides for amazing outfits to make your special night perfect.

For up to date fashion options we recommend keepandshare.com, this website has loads of designs that make features of the latest designs. This year beads and shine are the perfect elements to make your dress pop. Bright is in, in a huge way and KeepandShare.com have dozens of designs for funky and fresh outfits that use sequins, beads and interlaced fabrics.

DiyFashion.com is another website that we recommend. With user designed uploads and patterns that invoke high street designs there is something for everyone. These dress designs are not just traditional gowns, they have strong prints, short cuts, figure hugging designs that look just as good on small or curvy girls.

Creativesewingtips.com is our final secret tip and it is perhaps our favourite site as they provide not just outfit designs but also accessories such as hand bags and corsets.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time and don't be afraid to innovate!

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