What to look for in princess coats

Princess coats are making a comeback because of several reasons. They are wonderfully luxurious and stylish while keeping you warm. From rounded collars and large buttons to roomy pockets and a flattering shape, princess coats exist in different styles, designs and colours. If you are looking for one to add to your wardrobe or to replace an older coat, have a look at practical suggestions when purchasing one.

Tips when buying princess coats

1. Try them on

Princess coats are outerwear that you should avoid buying online. Apart from the obvious fact that returns are not easy if you don't like the coat, you need to try it on to see how it fits and looks on you. For this reason, it's better to go to a brick-and-mortar shop to see if you can move in it comfortably. Putting on layers of clothing underneath will also help in checking if there is room for bulky clothing.

Lengths vary as well such as short, mid-calf and long coats. You might want a princess coat with leather trims or one with a Peter Pan collar, so it's best to check what designs fit your style.

2. Check the quality

Inspect hems, seams, pockets, and buttons to see how they were sewn. Although princess coats on sale are of high quality judging from the stiff prices, it never hurts to check the details before purchasing one.

3. Go for the warmest materials

Princess coats are used not only to look stylish, but for warmth as well. If you are going to invest in one, make sure that it is going to protect you from the elements. Wool is one of the warmest materials and if you are thinking of a princess coat, it should be made at least from pure wool.

4. Cleaning instructions

We all know that coats are typically dry cleaned. Sure, you can try washing them in the machine but they will probably end losing their form and shrink. If you are on a budget, check if the coat can be steamed wash right at your home or learn how to dry clean outerwear using your washing machine.

5. Style should be both pleasing and comfortable

If you have set your mind on purchasing a princess coat, make sure that your outerwear enhances your style, flatters your silhouette and serves a purpose.

Where to get princess coats

Excellent quality princess coats are on sale from most high end retailers, department stores, and specialised clothing shops. If you want vintage princess coats, try second-hand shops that sell these coats at a good price. Imperfections are noted and stated so you will not feel that you are getting the short end of a bargain.

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