Primark's 2013 Summer dresses

Primark is the top of low cost retailers, and you can find excellent buys and be smartly and fashionably dressed this summer season, without breaking the bank.

Primark’s latest 2013 Summer collection is full of tropical colors, tribal and graphic prints and their array of pretty and trendy frocks are all must-haves.

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How many places can you get a sleeveless figure hugging midi bodycon dress with razor shoulders with a black and white polka dot print for just £10? If you add a black linen blazer and strappy sandals, you’ve got the perfect outfit for the workplace, but there also also other colors and prints to choose from.

If the midi length is too long, and you want to show off your tanned legs try their sexy and the shorter version of the bodycon dress.

Check out the the number of skater dresses in the collection that can take you from day to night, and feature four different type of necklines..

You'll find Aztec or colorful floral prints, but there’s also a skater pinafore dress with high tops that gives a modern day twist and more than a nod to the blue gingham pinafore that Judy Garland wore in the 1939 movie classic, The Wizard of Oz.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Primark's 2013 Summer dresses - Photo Gallery

If a pinafore is just a little too girlish or too vintage, check out the more modern cotton denim shirt dress with a classic point collar and cut-out sides, or the floral print prom dress in 100% pure cotton with a chest cut-out and also the sweetheart dress that features a sheer mesh insert in the bodice.

Primark’s maxi dresses are made from a soft, easy-care stretch jersey fabric with a scoop neckline, that you can find in a giraffe or a navy stripe print.

For evening wear there’s a glamorous dress with a slit skirt in black mesh and for a beach holiday, there's nothing sexier than the embellished neon colored cut out kaftan dresses but for a more casual look, the tank striped midi dresses are a great solution.

You can also buy Primark online now, as they have combined with their efforts with other fashion giant ASOS.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Primark's 2013 Summer dresses - Photo Gallery

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