Primark stunning Spring and Summer 2014 lingerie collections

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Primark has given its lingerie line for the upcoming Spring and Summer 2014 a spectacular and very glamorous makeover.

The highly elegant underwear campaign that’s been dubbed ‘What’s your Secret?’ was released before Valentine Day, showcases the highly flattering and precious looking Secret Possessions collection, in four different styles.

There’s the "Simply Seductive" set in vintage and classical ivory and the magnificent and seductive "Daring After Dark," which features a lacey and intricately detailed black and muted pink set, that is perfectly in line with latest trend in colors for lingerie.

While more expensive labels are selling similar style lingerie for exorbitant prices, Primark can give you the same fabulous designs, but their fancy plunge and balcony bras are selling for just £7 and the assorted pantie styles are priced at £3, while the high-waist shape control brief is just one pound more.

Since the sizes range from 32-38 and cup sizes that go from A to F, and the briefs start from size 6 up to 20, any woman can find her perfect fit and easily snap up and find pleasure in all four lines without feeling any guilt over the total cost.

The Spring and Summer 2014 lingerie collection also features other luscious designs with fabulous lace trimmings, while there are sets that are less sophisticated and glamorous, but are freshly pretty, modern and comfortable and can be coordinated according to your preferences and style.

PHOTO GALLERY Primark stunning Spring and Summer 2014 lingerie collections

With a beautiful pastel color palette that ranges from muted shades of peach, to soft yellow and pale green, and you’ll find yourself filling up your shopping basket to the brim on these delicately Spring colored garments.

And if this isn’t enough to satisfy even the most demanding lingerie addict, you’ll also find tiny polka dot prints on dark blue or bright pink bras and brief sets.

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