Primark Spring/Summer 2014 collection preview

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Thinking about Spring and Summer fashion while we’re still bundled up in heavy knit sweaters, down coats and wool hats and scarves seems rather weird, but Primark is ready to give us a sneak peak at what they have in store for us with their new S/S 2014 collection.

This upcoming season Primark has decided to go with “sugary sweet vs graphic prints,” but there are also some basic monochrome colors to play with so you can also mix and match your outfits in show stopping combinations.

Pretty pastels are part of the collection that sees checkered prints, with more than a take on the timeless Vichy print featured on very feminine looking sun dress, and also on tight-waisted full skirts bringing back the 50's style skirt with a more modern twist. There are also blouses with preppy Peter Pan collars that once again make their way back into the collection.

The British high street store also offers romantic and adorable looking lace dresses with soft textures and simple silhouettes, but there’s also sexy, see through dresses and gorgeous outfits with cutouts for those who aren’t quite ready to dress themselves like Sandy in Grease.

The ever popular black biker jacket which was one of the most sought out items in Fall 2013 has been given a springtime makeover and is now new featured in a sugary pink shade, and there’s also an attractive long white coat which will look cool and beautiful during a morning stroll.

PHOTO GALLERY: Primark Spring/Summer 2014 collection preview

From ice cream pastels, the label goes bold with amazing and mesmerizing prints that range from important stripes to huge polka dots, to a painters splashed palette of strong colors on skirts and tops.

With an array of gorgeous and dazzling accessories to choose from, Primark’s new Spring and Summer 2014 collection has everything you’ll need in order to be fashionably on-trend at very affordable prices.

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