Pret a Night Porter

Luftwaffe-esque close-cut leather tailoring romances decadent post-Second world war conservative shapes, sombre tones and flamboyant ruffles to create Marc Jacobs forthcoming Autumn 2011 collection for Louis Vuitton; a collection that the glitterati were able to catch a glimpse of, albeit briefly, at this year's fashion week in Paris, Grazia reveals.

The collection will officially be unveiled to the public in July this year when it will printed in all forms of 'moda letturatura' but photographs delivered into the hands of style gurus the world over have so far completely captured our collective imagination.

A new wave of much-in-demand models, such as Zuzanna Bijoch, Daphne Groeneveld, Gertrud Hegelund are depicted behind the wheels of classic motors, sporting hand-cuffed leather wallets and purses, as well as sky-high, laced black leather heels. These militant patrollers are both chauffeurs and passengers combined.

'Marc himself had this to say [about the collection]; 'Steven Meisel and I met and decided we would do this wonderful story of beautiful vintage cars, little dogs and fresh-faced young women. It's a very classic scenario, and of course it suggests travel, but I think we gave it a fresh, modern and sometimes a little bit naughty, tongue-in-cheek spin.''

What a gorgeous ride to be taken on.

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