Prada's beautiful 2013 Summer hemp and leather tote bag

Prada handbags don’t need any introduction and this year’s 2013 Spring and Summer collection is as usual very elegant and chic – and yes, also very expensive – that’s why the Italian luxury brand is probably one of the sought after designers and also the most copied by counterfeiters.

One of the most interesting bags that Prada offers for this 2013 Summer is the tote that combines high quality hemp and the prestigious Saffiano Cuir leather that offers timeless elegance mixed with modernity and tradition.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Prada 2013 Tote Handbag Collection - Photo Gallery

Saffiano leather is made of calf skin and its special textured diagonal pattern has become Prada’s trademark signature for their classic bags and 'IT' bags.

This particular tote features a double handle in leather, gold-plated hardware, metal lettering logo applied to the bag, leather and fabric lining and inside pockets, and measures 38x29x17 cm.

The tote sports a comfortable outside pocket and comes in various combinations of colors, from the ultra chic total black or total white, but also bicolors such as black and white, black and beige, beige and white, but you can find beige and red, beige and pink, beige and papaya, and beige with either light or dark brown leather, and the tote costs € 1,100 and is also available on Prada’s e-store.

To add to your handbag, why not check out the accessories that Prada also has to offer, like their wallets.

The fashion designer has a stunning array of very practical and beautiful wallets and almost all of them are in the very exclusive Saffiano calf leather.

You’ll find various sizes and models to choose from, and also numerous colors that range from cornflower blue to lake blue, along with caramel, black, bright peony pink, orchid pink and papaya.

All the wallets feature gold-plated hardware and metal lettering and have a varying amount of credit card slots, coin compartments and several have additional document pockets, and prices range from 350 to 400 euros.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Prada 2013 Tote Handbag Collection - Photo Gallery

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