Prada Women autumn - winter 2014-2015 collection

Prada presents its autumn winter 2014-2015 and keeps up and stand out in its position as the freshest and most innovating fashion house. Rolling on the success of the previous winter collection, running on oversized coats and playful socks, the the long awaited runaway show of the second 2014-2015 collection by Miuccia Prada takes the fashion world by storm.

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Setting her standards high, Miuccia took inspiration from German cultural avant-garde: choreographer Pina Bausch, artist Joseph Beuys, director Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Kurt Weill have been metabolised and revisited in a futuristic key, and the result is two outstanding collections, for men and women, ready to wear in Winter 2014-15.

All the staple pieces of the cold season are in the Prada Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 collection: dresses, sweaters, and coats of course. But they have been transformed with class and tension, the dress becoming ephemeral, almost hidden, if it wasn't for the awkward length, by the oversized coats, these huge, almost caricature overcoat that, like the oversized V-neck golf sweater, appear to have just been stolen from his wardrobe.

It tells a story, Prada womens' winter 2014-15 runaway show: continuing from the menswear show presented in February, the set is felt-clad, an homage to Beuys, the models dressed up with a nod to the classic Fassbinder 's 1972 filmThe Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, while lights and music contribute to the overall theatrical effect.

The dress is almost lingerie in sheer or silky, accents in fur or ruffled, in contrasting colours, the legs are bare and the look effortless chic with a twist, thanks to the large masculine overcoats or massive V-necks and the incredibly plastic looking leather boots, tight high or knee-high, and the futuristic wedges and heels. Find out more on when art and fashion meet in our post The Glamour of Italian Fashion Exhibition at the V&A

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