The Prada trainers collection for Spring Summer 2013

Have you ever thought of owning Prada trainers? Equally as luxurious as other goods the brand is selling, Prada trainers are highly sought after. Even though they are expensive you get a pair of shoes which is comfortable, durable and fashionable. Let us take a look at the spring summer 2013 collection of Prada trainers.

The line

The collection of Prada trainers for spring summer 2013 is composed of shoes in light and easy colours with elegant trims or whimsical embellishments.

  • Sporty or casual

The beautiful pair of avio blue Prada trainers in leather with lace closure and 3-cm rubber heel is a wonderful buy costing €399. It is also available in white. Another model that's worth considering is the white and silver fabric and patent leather with lace closures. The pair retails for €341. You also get it in pollen (yellow) and silver or hibiscus and silver which make perfect footwear for spring and summer. Don on skinny jeans or training suits for a casual or sporty look. If you love pristine colours, then the white pair of Prada trainers in leather is a great choice. It has a front lace closure and 3-cm rubber heels.

  • Punk

Going for a punk look? A pair of laced-up Prada high cut trainers in light gold and white might be what you are looking for. Short button spikes or glitter are dotted all over the sides of the shoes. It retails for €529. Wear them with shorts, skirts, or trousers for an eye catching appearance.

  • Glamorous

There's also a fantastic pair of high-cut trainers in suede and pumice stone featuring 7 centimetres of heel for some glamour. The shoes are secured by front laces and velcro fastening around the calf so you never have to worry about slipping or losing a shoe. Another lovely pair of Prada trainers is the patent leather shoes in anthracite and steel colours. It is secured by front laces and sells for £335. If you want a simple set, try the brown high cut trainers in suede selling for €341.

Prada for men

Men also get a piece of the action with the delightful range of men’s Prada trainers in different styles and assorted colours. From ankle length to high cut shoes, these trainers are perfect for the man on the go. Pair them off with tees, slacks, denim jackets and trousers for an informal look. Prices range from €320 to 460 a pair.

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