Where to buy Prada handbags in the UK

There are a number of places that you can buy Prada handbags in the UK. You can even buy these fantastic luxury items online, saving you the hassle of traipsing to the shops. The following lists highlights the best online sites for Prada handbags in the UK;

  • prada.com
  • profilebrighton.co.uk
  • salesdesignerhandbags.co.uk
  • raffaello-network.com
  • stylishpick.com
  • styledrops.com
  • branded.net
  • pradahandbags.designerbagsdepot.com
  • cheapbags.me.uk
  • shopprada.co.uk
  • pradahandbagsuk.net

You can also buy Prada handbags in London UK, from Prada retail stores inthe following locations;

  • Old Bond Street - W1S 4PS
  • Brompton Road - SW1X 7XL
  • Oxford Street - W1A 1AB
  • Westfield London Shopping Centre - W12 7SL & W12 7GF

Prada handbags can also be found in the following UK department stores;

  • John Lewis
  • House of Fraser
  • Selfridges
  • Harrods

Another option for buying Prada handbags in the UK is to buy them at the airport before you fly. Most airports offer a duty free selection of designer luggage and bags to passengers of any of their flights. To avoid disappointment check on your airlines website to make sure that they stock these items.

Finally you see what eBay has to offer. People regularly create space in their wardrobes by auctioning off their designer items to make quick cash. Make sure that the bags looks authentic before you bid and you could end up with a designer bargain.

Never buy designer handbags from someone who isn't a registered seller. If you go to your local market and see a large selection of these bags being sold, steer clear. They will most likely be knock-off bags and if they aren't they may well be stolen. It's worth an extra bit of money to stay legal.

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