Prada Folding In Love Sunglasses - Practical and Fashionable

What better way to prepare for summer than buying a new pair of sunglasses. Even if your old ones are still in fashion or cost you the earth, there’s no excuse not to have a look around. To celebrate the summer Italian fashion house Prada have created the Folding in Love range.

Folding in Love Man and Folding in Love Woman

Folding in Love Man and Folding in Love Woman are available in either cream or black so can complement daywear on the beach or be part of an ensemble for more formal occasions later in the day. The range encompasses four different designs offering a classical or modern look.

Practical and Fashionable

The frame folds in half between the lenses. The arms fold back as they would on any other pair of sunglasses but they also fold in half. When compacted these beautifully designed sunglasses fold to little more than the size of one lens so these Rayban style glasses can be carried in a man’s shirt pocket or a woman’s purse.

Launch Video

To launch the range Prada chose to commission a video that presents the glasses as a hero on a journey. Milan based Modecracy studio call their launch video ‘An interplay of reality and virtual games’ but that doesn’t tell the story. The backdrop of classic arcade games and the imaginary world depicted in the video show the sunglasses bending, rotating and dodging hurdles to represent their versatility and to place them into an imaginary context that is at once classically 1980s and also incredibly modern.

Final Word

Whether you view the Prada Folding in Love sunglasses range as classic or contemporary, there’s something fresh and unique about their design. Whether you add these to your summer wishlist or just get a kick out of the retro video on the fashion house’s website there’s no denying that Prada have come up with something practical and fashionable for summer 2012.

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