Positive mental Latitude

Last Saturday's Latitude festival may have taken place under five feet of water, but that didn't stop the fashion crowd from pulling out the stops. Paloma Faith wore her usual garish vintage delights, while Daisy Lowe went for 'glam with wellies', donning a floor-length body con dress with yep, wellington boots. Even the TOWIE girls were there, apparently squealing at the puddles.

While festival veteren Zoe Ball gave us a lesson in festival dressing, telling Grazia, 'I've made some seriously bad wardrobe choices for festivals over the years. The woman who always gets it right is Kate Moss and I remember a few years ago my horrendous attempt at trying channel her look. I was with a bunch of mates and as soon as we arrived I ran into the winnebago to transform myself. The idea was Kate in skinny jeans, flowy white shirt and waistcoat. I leapt out of the winnebago thinking I looked great...it was a big fashion lesson. It's really, really hard to pull off that look. Basically you have to be Kate Moss or someone who looks very, very like her. Now I go for simple, wellies, jeans and something easy to wear on camera - and I try to stay out of the rain.'

A good piece of advice for those attending the late August festivals, now that the weather in Blighty is more Margate than Marbella...

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