Posh's spikey shoulders

Now we've heard of yummy mummys getting dressed up for the school run, but Posh has gone waaay beyond than the call of duty. Lady B turned up to her boys' school fair sporting a shoulder spiked jacket that looked like something Cruella De Villa might wear on a night out. Never, NEVER have we seen such razor sharp spikes in public, during the day. We love.

Check out Posh rocking the jacket in style.

Posh teamed the Balmain Leather Military Jacket with super skinny jeans (plus slightly disturbing gold poppers), skyscraper heels and Wayfarer style sunnies. (See link below.)

If you remember the runways of recent fashion weeks, Posh is spot on: severe shoulders are a hotter than hot new trend. But we have to say, for the school run? Come on darl, jeans and flip flops.....

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