Posh camping - coming to a festival near you

If you thought half the fun of festivals was trying to snatch a moments shut eye in a mud fouled tent in the cold and the rain. Think again.

According to The Times (big old elitist thats they are) 'posh camping' is the only way to do festival dwelling this year. Check out the latest luxury camping abodes coming to a festival near you this summer.

1) The personalised 'tour bus', sleeping up to 10 people and kitted out with Playstations and bedrooms with bunk beds. Oh and en suite bathrooms.

2) Two man beach hut - complete with double bed and sunny mini verandah.

3)'Pod pad' - two man mini hut, complete with shelving, carpet, twin beds and lockable door.

4) 'The 'Yurt' - portable wooden framed sleeping structure, with table and beds and nice warm rugs.

5)The Indian shikar tent - our favourite. Shikars are based on Maharajah hunting tents. Which must mean when the Maharajah went hunting back in the day - they bunked down in tents complete with king size bed, mattress imported from Italy, and duck-down duvet from Hungary! Because thats how toff Shikar tents come in 2008.

If they were dead, our parents'd be turning in their graves. Gone are the days of pitching up at Glastonbury with only a moth bitten blanket and a tin kettle in hand.

If you can't quite picture it, check out our posh camping photo gallery

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