Poor Pierre

He was an icon of avant-garde boy-meets-girl-meets-robot couture chic, yet somehow Pierre Cardin has become almost synonymous with suits, shirts and...well...even more suits. How did this happen? It seems that even Pierre himself isn’t happy about it. In an interview on Vogue.com the octogenarian said ‘unfortunately, they [my licensees] produce very classic outfits for men. I wish they picked up my designs. Instead, they produce this fusty, bourgeois stuff. It drives me to desperation, because I bring them my original designs to copy. That is the purpose of their licenses. We really need someone to drum up new licenses there. They could make a killing, because my designs are very youthful. All you see is these old Hart Schaffner Marx suits for old men. It makes me ashamed to even look at them.’

The trailblazing designer took an absence from the catwalks for many years but will return to Paris this October with a simple message – ‘I’m still cool’. He explains to WWD: ‘My aim is to boost my sales in the U.S. and to raise my profile among young people. Since I don't get a lot of press coverage, young people don't know who I am. I want to show them I am still avant-garde and that I produce original designs.’

Come on people! The man has dressed Lady Gaga, for heaven’s sake, what more do you want? Vive le Cardin revolution!

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