Where to find stylish plus size sewing patterns

Top fashion isn't just for the tall and lean. It's for every woman of every size, and if you're bemoaning the lack of stylish clothing in your size, consider creating your own. Finding plus size sewing patterns online will excite you, especially when you realise the vast array of patterns available for women aren't walking toothpicks.

One of the biggest outlets for sewing patterns specialising in larger patterns is PlusSizeLadiesSewingPatterns.com/uk. The outlet sells UK pattern sizes 14 and up, and they've got quite a large inventory, from shorts and dresses, to Renaissance costumes. You'll find the big names in sewing: McCall's Butterick, Simplicity, and Vogue. In August, 2011, the site added Burda patterns, one of the most stylish open source sewing creators in the world.

A great advantage of ordering from Plus Size Ladies Sewing Patterns is that all post within the UK is free. Another nice touch is the tip of the month on the home page. Every month the site administrators add a helpful piece of information to make your sewing experience better and more efficient.

Another site where you'll find patterns for plus size women is Sewing World. If you're searching for a Simplicity pattern, click the icon for sewing patterns, then choose the Simplicity brand. Scroll down and you'll find the option for the plus sizes. To make it easier for you, we've including the address: sewingworld.co.uk/Simplicity_Plus_Sizes.html. You'll find that the Simplicity patterns come in a larger variety of sizes: from UK 10 up to UK28W. Sewing World currently has all sewing patterns on sale for 10% off. Some are up to 20% off the listed price. The price is normally around £8.15 per pattern, unless it's a special type or on sale.

Sew Essential, another online retailer for full figure patterns, has quite an offering of styles and brand name patterns at reasonable prices. Currently, they've got several Simplicity patterns reduced from £8.15 to £4.05. The Khaliah Ali collection, with its tunics, skirts and flirty dresses compare well against the ready-made store brands. You can find the plus size offerings at sewessential.co.uk/Category.asp?CategoryID=1614NumPerPage=5&page=1. Sew Essential offers free delivery on orders of £50.00 or more. You can purchase fabrics, bindings, haberdashery and the like all in one spot, which makes for easy shopping.

So, wherever you choose to shop for your plus size sewing pattern, you'll not come away empty handed.

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