Basic tips to buy plus size dresses for special occasions

Everybody wants to look perfect for special occasions, whether the occasion is a wedding, school reunion or corporate party. However, it can be tricky to find the perfect dress for those special occasions.

Buying the perfect dress for an occasion not only depends on your budget and taste, but also on your body structure and size category. Here are some basic tips to buy plus size dresses for those special occasions.

1. Know your body type

The key to buying plus size dresses for special occasions is understanding your body. Knowing your body type is vital because it empowers you to identify a dress that is perfect for you.

Choose a dress that compliments your body structure. Ideally, go for a dress that is flattering, comfortable and not too revealing. This will ensure you steal the show at any event.

2. Avoid black whenever possible

Black dresses tend to make plus size people to appear heavy. If you can, avoid wearing black as much as possible. This includes black skirts, gowns and pants.

Go for monotone and light coloured dresses instead, which are much more flattering on a plus size body. Monotone and light coloured dresses also make plus size bodies appear flatter and more vibrant.

3. Steer clear of tight fitting dresses

Steer clear of tight fitting dresses as much as possible when choosing plus size dresses for special occasions. Tight fitting dresses tend to expose and even exaggerate body contours.

Choose loose fitting, lightweight dresses over heavy, tight fitting dresses.

4. Shop at dedicated plus size clothes stores

While you can find a beautiful plus size dress at any clothes store, it is better to shop at stores that specialises in plus size dresses when looking for a dress for a special occasion.

Shopping at a dedicated plus size clothes stores ensures you get a wide variety of dresses to choose from in one place. You don’t have to move from shop to shop in search of the perfect dress for your occasion.

5. Shop early

Shop early for plus size dresses so you get enough time to explore different shops and try out different dresses before making a choice.

Remember, buy plus size dresses for special occasions that give maximum comfort, flatter you and boost your self-esteem. This will make you sparkle at any event!

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