Plus size 70s fancy dress - get your groove on!

Plus size 70s fancy dress is generally centred around the hippy theme! If you don't fancy being a flower child and you're more of a dancing queen then perhaps an Abba outfit might suit you better!

If you have decided to buy a costume for the night then looking online will show you exactly what's on offer. Sites such as fancydressball.com stock a wide range of 70's inspired outfits to suit every budget.

Currently they stock a pink hippie costume which goes up to a size 22 and only costs £29.99. This outfit comprises of a dress, headband, choker and boot covers. You can also buy accessories such as flower power specs which are only £3.95.

The dancing queen costume comes in silver, pink or green and is also available up to a size 22. This costs £33.95 and for that you get the jumpsuit and a silver belt. There is no end to the accessories you can add to this outfit, microphones, knee length boots and statement eyelashes are only some of the ways you can customise your look! These sites also stock wigs which will give your outfit some added authenticity!

eBay is another option when looking for fancy dress costumes. Many eBay shops are specialists in adult costumes and they also stock party wigs, accessories and make up. If you're buying from eBay shops just be careful that you know exactly what the postage is to your area before you commit to buying anything.


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