Plexiglass shoes: Spring - Summer 2014 trend

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Plexiglass is once again hot in trend for next spring and summer 2014. Declined in various colours and used in combination with a variety of other materials, plexiglass proves to be sexy and feminine but at the same time funny and eccentric.

Spring – summer 2014 collections worldwide abound with acrylic plastics and vinyl. In this post we will look at their use in footwear: from sandals to flats, from pumps to stilettos, the upcoming hot season shouts out for plastic and it is sure to make an impact.

This trend was already strong last year, especially for clothing and handbags, but now definitely focuses on shoes, object of desire of all women as well as the ultimate leader in seduction. The use of plexiglass will add zest and fun to every look, a touch of irreverence and playfulness which will suit even the most elegant outfit.

Furthermore plexiglass, especially when coloured, allows for that very sexy and feminine sheer effect, again a great protagonist of the next spring-summer season. Go ahead then and treat yourself to a fab pair of plexiglass shoes, also in view of the fact that this plastic material is extremely durable as well as easy to care for.

PHOTO GALLERY Plexiglass shoes: Spring - Summer 2014 trend

Examples of this trend are present in the collection of Pretty Ballerinas in which this material is used both transparent and colored, in the classic rounded toe ballet flats to models like Marilyn and Ella. The collection of Ursula Mascarò also sees great use of plexiglass combined with other materials such as leather in metallic colors. The juxtaposition of these two very different materials gives originality and innovation to pumps and sandals in the collection.

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