Pink ski pants - keeping you pretty and warm!

Pink ski pants are a cute and feminine way of staying warm this winter! Many of the retailers have brought out their muted colours so trying to locate pink ski pants may not be the easiest idea! Leggings are another popular winter staple but they may not stay inside your boots! Ski pants have the elasticated stirrup which holds the leg part stable no matter what activity you're doing! Ski pants are generally worn with a long top of some kind or even a chunky knit. The reason for this is that they're pretty figure hugging so it's good to balance out the top part which will create more definition.

While you can buy those sort of ski pants in most high street stores, such as Primark, for around £10, there are the real ski trousers that you will need for winter holidays and they are not quite so easy to locate.

A good starting point is eBay where you can currently pick up a pair of Animal salopettes in pink and a size 10 for £49.99 on the "buy it now" option. When you run a search for pink ski pants on eBay you will see that there's quite a difference in the price range. This can be due to the brand or condition of the item itself. If it's brand new with tags then it will probably cost more than if it's pre owned. Always check that you have the option to return the trousers if they're not suitable and protect yourself by opting to use Paypal.

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