Looking for La Perla sales beachwear?

La Perla has sales on beachwear on a regular basis, and in fact has one right now. One of the most popular brands of lingerie, nightwear and beachwear, La Perla calls itself the leading brand for beautiful sensual lingerie and beachwear.

They offer a good range of beachwear from bikinis and swimsuits to cover ups and beach accessories such as bags and footwear. At present the beachwear sale is offering 50% off the retail price of 2010 designs. Since you can be sure holiday goers will have bought new beachwear for the 2011 holiday, the 2010 range is guaranteed not to clash with anybody else on the beach.

Basic La Perla bikinis in the sale range start at £143. You can buy tops and bikini bottoms separately: tops retail for around £40 in the sale and briefs at about £30. La Perla sales on beachwear also stock a range of beach accessories: shorts start at £44, ponchos at £170 and you should be able to pick up a sarong for anywhere between £35 and £75 depending on the style.

The La Perla website or a shop is the best place to start your search and see the range of styles but you could also try one of the retailers who sell La Perla stock. Online retailers such as net-a-porter.com and theoutnet.com have a selection of La Perla garments for sale. The main La Perla shop in the UK is in Knightsbridge in London and is well worth a visit.

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