Penélope Cruz provokes with Agent Provocateur video ad

Muy caliente! Those two words can only describe the video that Penélope Cruz directed for the new L'Argent collection for Agent Provocateur Fall and Winter 2013 campaign.

Cruz wrote and directed for the first time, the video campaign that she and her sister Monica designedfor the sexy lingerie brand.

The risqué video, that will almost certainly never appear on TV, also has two brief cameo appearances, a very pregnant Monica wearing pink lace babydoll chemise, just days before giving birth, and Penélope’s hubby and Oscar winner, Javier Bardem.

Cruz kept much of the work in the family, as video was shot in the sisters' home town of Madrid, and her brother Eduardo created the sound track and their motherEncarna Sánchez assisted with the models' hair, and actress friend Goya Toledo also appears.

Taking about her directorial debut Cruz said, "[It was] very personal and important for me, a very interesting experience," Cruz told WWD.

"They gave me all the freedom and I was able to tell the story I wanted to tell. I used women of all shapes and sizes, as it was important for me to let women know that this brand is for everyone. I chose Irina, as she is such a vivacious woman, and with all the beautiful women in the campaign, I really needed someone who would keep the audience's attention."

The video features Spanish TV actor Miguel Angel Silvestre, who walks into a house party that is full of beautiful and exciting women in array of sexy poses and very suggestive scenes.

As he dons a pair of dark sunglasses branded L’Agent, that are x-ray penetrating (very schoolboy fantasy) he can now see through the dresses, and gets a bird’s eye view of all the women, who naturally are wearing the Agent Provocateur lingerie collection.

Among all that flesh, there is Russian model Irina Shayk - Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend – that captures Silvestre’s eye, but he can’t see through her clothes until he takes off his sunglasses, and then the model appears in sexy black underwear, black garter and stockings and a pilot’s cap, as she then starts to give him a sort of tame lap dance.

Unfortunately for Silvestre, it is all a dream, as he wakes up sweating at building site where he works and instead of lingerie clad women, he sees the face of his boss, Javier Bardem, telling him to get back to work.

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