Peacocks review of fashion offerings

Peacocks is one of the popular fashion retailers today with more than 400 stores across the UK and 200 overseas. The Cardiff-headquartered chain is popular among shoppers looking for reasonable quality of fashionable clothing and accessories without spending loads of money. We take a look at a Peacocks consumer review based on shopping experience.

The review

  • Presence

Peacocks can be found all over the UK and they even have a presence abroad. The store locator button on its website, www.peacocks.co.uk is available if you want to find a shop nearest to your location.

  • Online shopping

It is possible to buy something online and there is a wide variety of selections. However, some customers claim that sizes and styles are out of stock making it difficult to find something they want. The site though is easy to navigate and you can find what you need by using its search button.

  • Selection of items

Peacocks carry a large selection of men, women, and kids clothing in fashionable designs. In essence, it is a high street fashion store at discount prices. Customers are quite happy with the collection of clothes, shoe and accessories although some find the men’s section scanty compared to other divisions.

  • Sizes

Everyone can find anything in the store from street and sleepwear to slippers and shoes. Sizes of clothing sold are not precise as one Peacocks review noted. Standard sizes do not fit the average woman or man and you probably have to try several ones before finding the right fit.

  • Service

Overall, customers find the service during in-store shopping very good with friendly, helpful and efficient sales reps. There is always someone around ready to help and although the queues build up, they get cleared quickly when more tills are opened. Returns and exchanges are not issues as they are easy to do for as long as conditions of sales are met.


Perhaps, the major attraction of Peacocks is it is a store for everyone from men and women to kids and infants. They carry a diverse range of fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. For many of us on a budget, this means you can still look good and stylish without spending much. Peacocks review of retail shopping experience attests to this which is why the store will continue to attract shoppers looking for fashionable items at fair prices.

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