Peaches turns peachy

Posh Spice ditched the fake-tan years ago and even Jordan has toned it down (ok, from florescent tangerine to erm, florescent orange) but the memo never reached Peaches Geldof. Could that be because she's not an actual celebrity? Or because she doesn't read memos because she's too busy getting married, getting divorced, featuring in sex scandals, getting ditched by underwear labels, blagging her way into events, showing off her tats? - the list goes on.

PHOTO GALLERY: Peaches Geldof best images

While we mull that over, here's the story: Peaches turned up to a bash in Hollywood (where she's currently hanging out a lot with b.f Eli Roth) looking like she'd just been tangoed. Unfortunately, the can of tango she was blasted with was only half full, missing bits on those hard to reach areas - the ankles and backs of arms. Worse still, her pale father Bob was with her, illuminating her bottle-new complexion. A pearl headband (we like) was worn askew. A grey strapless dress drooped rather than perked.

Brit celebs abroad - please try harder. No, not you Peaches...

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