Peaches nips out for Ultimo

Don't you just love Peaches Geldof's ad campaign for Ultimo underwear? Us neither. The only thing the campaign says to us is don't get silly tattoos and what's more, don't get them out in public. Aaaanyway, for anyone who wants to see Peaches in her smalls (hands up: noone?) The Sun has pictures of the Boomtown brat doing her thang for the fifth time round for underwear brand Ultimo.

In this latest campaign the brat is sprawled in her smalls across vintage fairground rides. From what we can see, The Carousel Collection (which launches today for spring / summer 2010) looks amazingly similar to the last campaign featuring Mz Geldof...and the last.

We're not sure about anyone else but Peaches and those scary tats aren't exactly inducing us to run out and spend our hard-saved recession cash on Ultimo underwear - especially when Italian brands like Intimissimi are doing it so much better.


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