Peaches Get - 'er - off

We're sure that Peaches Geldof is deep down a lovely, caring girl who carries out great work for charidy in between chaperoning OAPs on days out to the countryside. It's just that this Peaches is never revealed to the press. Yet again, we're witness to her pretentious, attention seeking side, this time at New York fashion week.

PHOTO GALLERY: Peaches Geldof best images

The Daily Mail reveals that our Peaches was on the front row at Anna Sui. With the show about to start, Peaches panicked that full attenion might be somewhere other than her. Acting quickly, she snogged her pink haired pal Eamon Kelly, (son of Henry? We hope so), pulled faces at the models then whispered and giggled. We're sure the designer was overjoyed.

The delightful socialite then tweeted that Eamon 'just turned to me in the front row of Anna Sui and randomly asks 'do you...like meat?'

Wow, she's just like, so irreverent...

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