Peaches falls far from the tree

Good one Peaches. The socialite is showing a healthy dose of sangfroid at the news that Ultimo have axed her. You might remember that Peaches was recently left fuming over details of an allegedly heroin fuelled one night stand. To be precise, photos of her misadventures wound up on the internet.

Well, quite frankly she's 'disappointed' by Ultimo's decision to axe her. Their decision, according to the Geldofian Princess is, 'based on a wildly exaggerated account of a night in Los Angeles five months ago.' Five months ago...? That's ancient history in celeb speak. Note to Peaches: not in terms of lucrative modelling contracts.

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Kelly Brook has been wheeled in as the new face and body of Ultimo's latest campaign - and one who we think should have been there all along. Peaches Geldof for Ultimo was a marketing disaster waiting to happen. Almost as bad as Phillip Green cosying up to Walmart...

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